Unit Christmas Cards

Season's Greetings from Iwo Jima, 1960

Season's Greetings from Simeri Crichi (now Sellia Marina), 1965.  Provided by Jerry Murdock

Note from Jerry: 

The card was printed locally and has several misprints. Note the letter "I" was used in the place of the numeral "1" in every case on the entire card, "Z" in the place of  "2" once, Doughty was misspelled as Daughty, and I am fairly sure T.J. Neukirch should end with a "k". There may be others I've missed (for instance, I think there was a "c" in the ENC's last name).

Season's Greetings from Port Clarence, 1967.  Provide by Steven Wasmundt.

1961 KAUAI Christmas Card

1975 Kure Island Christmas Crew

Kure Island c./1976

Attu c./1978

Miyako Jima 1967 Christmas Card

LMS Sardinia 1964
Right side group
 l-r; ET2 Al Svara, ET1 Chuck Teaney, CWO Christiano, ET1 Dee Hargett, and ET2 Phil Kubat

1977 Lampedusa Christmas Card Cover

1992 Boise City Christmas Card

1959 Matsumae Christmas Card

1965 OShima Christmas Card
From the album of ET2 Joe Frank Ashley - contributed by Emilo Garica

Contributed by Larry Bilski

1963 Spruce Cape

Cape San Juan - late 60's

Pt. Arena 1968

Estartit 1964

Estartit 1968

Sattahip 1968

South Caicos 1968

Sylt 1968

Kure 1979

SYLT 1970

SYLT 1970

Jupiter 1971

Keflavik 1968

Port Clarence c,/1969

OKINAWA - 1961


LMS Berumda c./1970

Tan My RVN 1969
provided by Thomas Orr

1957 Batan Christmas card
provided by John Labella (Matsumae) - sent to him from James Coffey

1964 Attu Christmas Card

Estrca de Vares 1965 Christmas Card

Cape Atholl 1968 Christmas Card Photo