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70 32 N 68 18 W

Fact Sheet

Site Survey:
Summer 1952
Construction Date
Started: 1953 Completed: 1954
Constructed by:
30 JUN 1975
Operated by:
Station Letter designation:
Station code name:
Station Unit Number:
1954 - APO 677
1961 - APO 228
Station nickname:
On-air testing date:
Operational date:
08 NOV 1954
Operations Ceased:
302400Z JUN 1975
Station Operation:
Station pair:
1L7, 1L0, 2S6 – CAPE ATHOLL
1L1, 2S7 - NIPISAT
Loran Rate:
1L1, 08 NOV 1954 – NIPISAT
1L7, 08 NOV 1954 – CAPE ATHOLL
2S6, 302400 (Local) JUN 1975 – CAPE ATHOLL
2S7, 302400 (Local) JUN 1975 - NIPISAT
Monitor Rate:
AN/FPN30, AN/FPA-2, T-325B, T-138
Antenna Type:
"T" wire cage
Personnel Allowance:
1 Officer & 22 Enlisted 1953 agreement
1952 - Planned to support Operation Blue Jay
16 APR 1953 - CG Requests permission to build
1972 - JCS cancelled closure in 1972
Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge
1st CO: LTJG Lawrence A White 1954 - 1955
2nd CO: LTJG Christopher Aschilmann 1955 - 1956
3rd CO: LTJG Edwin H Daniels AUG 1956 - AUG 1957
4th CO: LTJG John M Wilkinson AUG 1957 - AUG 1958
5th CO: LTJG David Green AUG 1958 - 1959
6th CO: LTJG Kennard Palfrey 1959 – 1960
CO: LTJG Ian Cruikshank 1962 – JUN 1963
CO: LTJG Charles Keller JUN 1963 - JUN 1964
CO: LTJG William Protzman JUN 1964 - 1965
CO: LTJG Jim Kunkle 1967 - 1968
CO: LTJG Gerald Victor MAY 1969 – MAY 1970
CO: LTJG Richard L McGuire MAY 1970 – JUN 1971
CO: LTJG Charles A Huber JUN 1971 – JUN 1972
CO: LTJG Thomas Howard JUN 1972 - JUN 1973
CO: LTJG Peter Barrett JUN 1973 - 1974
Last CO: LTJG Marlon Shelton 1974 - 30 JUN 1975

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Exchange of Notes Between Canada and the United States regarding construction and Operation of a Loran Station by the USCG at Cape Christian, Baffin Island

271623Z MAR 73 - State Department Loran A Stations Closings - pdf
092327Z APR 73 - State Department Loran A Stations Closings - pdf
111419Z APR 73 - State Department Loran A Stations Closings - pdf
170056Z APR 73 - State Department Loran A Stations Closings - pdf
161851Z AUG 73 - State Department Loran A Stations Closings - pdf
241450Z AUG 73 - State Department Loran A Stations Closings - pdf
04 MAR 1975 - Cape Atholl and Cape Christian OFCO 50-75 - pdf


Loran Station Cape Christian

Loran Station Cape Christian

The below photos were contributed by Gene Oleson (ET1) c./1964

1964 Crew

1964 Crew

Comb Antenna

Comb Receiving Antenna (MX-1287/GRN)

Morning Sun

Morning Sun

Looking South

Looking South at the station

Station under construction, circa 1953

Station under construction c./1953

Station circa 2000 two wings destroyed

Station c./2000.  The west center wing (berthing area) destroyed and the east center wing (admin office/co/cpo/storage) also gone.  

M215 Dump Truck at Cape Christian circa 2000 snow covered

Station truck as is in 2000.  A tourist visited the station and sent Gene the above photo and stated that the Transmitter and amplifier was covered by snow.

Some additional notes from Gene:

Cape Christian was novel in that we also had  the AN/GRN-9B TACAN Beacon.  The tacan was DME only (distance measurement) as the azimuth data was corrupted by the fact that we were parallel to Fox Basin where magnetic north is located.  One ET was detailed to the Navy school for the GRN-9.  All the USAF traffic to Thule crossed over Cape Christian. 

In addition Cape Christian had additional UHF/VHF capability as the Loran watchstander had to monitor at least four frequencies in addition to the HF SSB.  One of the B-52's circling the polar regions carrying the "big one" might call on UHF.  You'd get a single call, "Cape Christian this is (coded call).  He would send a group of ten letters and "Relay Thule Center, out."  No fills, repeats or idle words.  It didn't happen every watch, but sure would wake you up on the mid-watch. The Loran watchstander in turn had to wake up the RM as the only link to Thule was an unreliable CW circuit.  The hf SSB was supposed to be a link to the Danish at Nipisat and to Cape Athol, but it was useless as I don't recall a single qso with them. I learned CW at Cape Christian!

Thanks Gene!

RCMP Mort Doyle's Power Point of pictures from Cape Christian

Al Ocasio circa 1958

Al Ocasio c./1958
Contributed by his son Fred Ocasio

Below are photos contributed by Duffie McLamb  his father CS1 Russell A McLamb served c./1963-64

CS1 Russell A McLamb circa 1963

Russell A McLamb

Russell A McLamb letter of 9/7/1963

Russell A McLamb with polar bear

Russell A McLamb letter continued

Russell A McLamb wearing artic garb

note on back of picture stating it was minus 31 degrees

Russell A McLamb with shipmates

note on back of picture stating Russell A McLamb didn't stand inspections

Russell A McLamb with rifle

Russell A McLamb with shipmates

Russell A McLamb in galley

Russell A McLamb relaxing with a beer

eskimo dogs at rest

note stating the two dog teams are resting

Eskimos skining seal and butchering the meat

note on back of picture about the seal skinning

Eskimo shelter

Russell A McLamb with polar bear

looking east from station

aerial view of Loran Station Cape Christian

Russell A McLamb with polar bear

note on back of picture about the polar bear