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Charlie Huber (CO) 1971-72 Crew/RCMP Photos

Captain Thompston Inspection Party c./1971
The inspection party and air crew didn't realize in was going be a week aboard the station
The C-130 had a mechanical failure which prevent from leaving until repair parts arrived

Charlie himself c./1971

Charlie himself c./1972

Charlie in his office


Chuck Jensen AKA: Oopic

ENC Tyson

CS2 Brockwell

RCMP Wayne Mossiset

DC1 Shockey

DC1 Young

Tapinga and family on cometic

ETC Turner

ETC Towne

ET3 Harvey Vedder

EN1 Lux

HM2 Rappaport

RCMP Mossiset and Special Constable Tapinga

RM2 Rad Marsh

ET2 Salsman

SN Spinelli

SN Kurek

RCMP Special Constable Tapinga

FN O'Hara

ET3 Dean Steppe

SN Parker

SN Rowe

ET3 Jensen

SA Dowan

ET3 Denson

FN Furlinger

SN Kent

SN Pengelli in CO Office

Station mascot "Newfounder"


Station Cookout c./July 4, 1971

Charlie at the cookout

SN Dunay - eskimos - SN McGiness

Unloading triwalls of beer from annual resupply

SN Dunay with seal

Son of Special Consable Tapinga

Charlie in the timer room
The diagram is upside-downside, no wonder he is scatching his head

Charlie talking on the ham radio

Charlie with Eskimos kids

Charlie playing shuffleboard

RCMP Chief Superintendent Dewey visiting

Charlie on Mt. Anges

FN Frank O'Hara giving RCMP Bob Helmsing a haircut

ETC Towne and other others playing poker

Charlie in the transmitter room

Al Nickelsen and Lylia at RCMP Gala

Head Table Fosbisher Bay
Dewey Legit; Commander of NWT; Commander of RCMP of the Eastern Area

RCMP Inspector Irving
Head of Frobisher Bay Division

Medivac SN Kent
One of the 10 medivacs during LTjg Charlie Huber's tour

RCMP Special Constable Tapinga and family

RCMP Bob Helmsing at Lake Harbor

My relief - LTjg Tom Howard

RCMP Wayne Mossiset Charlie's ride to Clyde River to go home

Thanks Charlie!