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Charlie Huber (CO) General 1971-72 Photos

Aerial View of the station

1971 Winter view

Left: Radio Beacon tower
Center: Station; Cage "T" to right
Right: Comb Antenna looking at Nipisat

Dog shed - most convenient means of transportation

Arctic flowers near the station

R.C.M.P. Residence

Flag flying over R.C.M.P. residence

C-130 landing with Inspection Team

The Inspection party has landed for a day however during the landing there
was a mechcanical failure resulting layover for a week.

C-130 preparing to take off

They are in the air - CONFIRMED!

Station Views


Sunset highlighting the loran comb guys

Cage "T" Loran Transmission Antenna

New Garage

The runway

SKYVAN - one of the planes that resupplied the station

DC3 logistics planes that tried to meet the monthly schedule

R.C.M.P. Twin Otter plane landing at Cape Christian

Resupply barge unloading

Forklift - sure came in handy for the resupplies

Temporary loan of crane to assist with unloading the supply ship

Wheeler Loader

Surplus of 55 gal drums - was not economical to return drums

Emergency parts on the way

C-130 Delivering loran parts

Preparing to drop parts

Dropping Loran parts

Mission Completed

CLYDE RIVER 10 miles from station

Mountains by Clyde River

Laundry drying - temp outside 20 deg

Skido transportation from Cape Christian to Clyde River

U.S.A.F. Tenant of the R.C.A.F about 200 miles south of station

R.C.M.P. Station

Igloo built at R.C.M.P. station




MCC landing to take Charlie home

Thanks Charlie!