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Charlie Huber (CO) 1971-72 Spaces Photos

Bos'n Hole

CO's Office

CO's Office

CO's Office

CO's quarters

DC Shop

The Galley

The Generator Room

AN/FPN-30 Timer (2S7 - Nipisat)

T-325B/FPN Transmitter (Foreground)
T-138A/FPN Amplifier
Back Center: Switching gear

Mess Deck

A crew member's room

Radio Room

Rec Deck looking at the bar

Rec Deck

Rec Deck - this is where most of the off-duty time was spent

A crew member's room

AN/FPN-30 scopes - Loran signals on not such a good watch

AN/FPN-30 - Loran Signals on a good watch

Engineering work space

The HAM Equipment
The only means of communications with the outside world

The Timer Room

The card/game (Poker) table

Soap Stone Cravings (in CO office)

The Transmitter Room

The Water Tank room

Thanks Charlie!