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08 43 11.620 N 106 38 12.440 E (Indian Datum) DEC 1966
Calibration of the Southeast Asia LORAN-C System
Electronics Engineering Report 45 (CG-163-45)
08 43 17.69 N 106 37 59.12 E*
*26 MAY 1972 LORAN C and Loran D System Navigation Manual

8 43 19.79 N 106 37 52.03 E Building Site - provided by Chris Dailey

Fact Sheet

Site Survey:  

Construction Date APR 1966 – construction started

Constructed by: Materials delived by USCGC NETTLE
Chicago Bridge and Iron Construction
R.M.K. Co. - contruction of brick and cremet buildings
Established: 2 SEP 1966 - Commissioned

Disestablished: 30 APR 1975

Operated by: USCG


Station Letter designation: S-3, SH-3 “Y”

Station code name:  

Station Unit Number:  

Address: APO 96314

Radio Call Sign: NPB2

Station aka:  

On-air testing date: 8 SEP 1966

Declared Operational date: 280400 OCT 1966

Operations Ceased: 29 APR 1975

Station Operation: S-3, SH-3 YANKEE

Station pair: S-3 - LAMPANG, SATAHIP

Loran Rate: S-3, SH-3

On-Air: S-3, 280400Z OCT 1966 - LAMPANG, SATAHIP

Off-Air S-3, 1969 - TAN MY added to the chain
SH-3, 291246Z APR 1975 – US pull out from Vietnam

Monitor Rate:  

Equipment: AN/FPN-44/46, AN/GSH-8, Rubidium standard
Transmitters located in the S/P building

Antenna Type: 625ft TLM – Trylon, Model 6000s, 1966 – Apr 1975

Personnel Allowance:  

Mascot 1968 - Randy
Miscellaneous: 01 JAN 1973 - Station Operations and Maintenance preformed by FEC contractors.

Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge
1st CO: LCDR Ralph W Judd 02 SEP 1966 - 1967
CO: LCDR L R McDowell 1968 - 1969
CO: LT Michael Bell 1970 - 1971

HEALTH: Agent Orange Presumptive - pdf


1966 Unit Commendation Ribbon

Fred's Place Reunion Hall:

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30 DEC 1968 - General Information Book - pdf
1969 General Information Book - pdf
190210Z APR 75 - State Department SEA Loran - pdf
Lonely Islands - pdf


Loran Station Conson Google Earth

View from Google Earth

The below phots were retrived from CGHQs Historian Office

01 MAR 1967 LCDR Ralph Judd 1st Commanding Officer

Below photos are Aerial Views taken on 28 FEB 1967

In the background is the Signal Power Building. The tank contails diesel fuel.
There are three other similar tanks located on the beach. c./ SEP 1968

Below are shots of the station early 1967

CS2 Michael Pantaleo

CS2 Michael Pantaleo

DC1 David Barry

DC3 Johnny Hagood

ET2 Charles Zanti

ETCS William Burghart

FA Charlie Taylor

SN John Daneels

The Photos below taken in Feb 1967

A special thanks to the CG Historian Office Staff!
Scott, Helen, Beth, Nora

The following photos were contributed by Michael Phuta c./1968-69

Timer Room

Timer Room

Santa and the CO

Santa and the local children

Tower Maintenance

Tower Maintenance

ConSon Toilet

Con Son Toilet

Conson Station Patch

Thanks Michael!

The below photos were contributed by Rod Christian c./1966-67

Station Entrance

Station entrance sign

View from the bottom of the tower

Tower looking up from the base

Tower Insulator

Tower maintenance

Aerial View of Conson

Aerial view of station

Thanks Rod!

EM1 Ken Schuller c./1968-69 shared his experiences while serving in Vietnam

My Time At Con Son RVN by (Former EM1) Ken Schuller

After a MAC flight from Travis AFB in California I arrived at the 'Armpit of Southeast Asia' Ton Son Nhut AFB in Saigon along with ET3 Tom Georges who went through the Alameda transit station together.

First stop was the transit barracks at Ton Son Nhut where I never sweated so much taking a shower. While we were sitting on our bunks I noticed a lot women (mama sons) in the barracks. Lots of guys came out of the showers with just a towel over their shoulders walking to their bunks and I let them know that there were women in here. They replied back ---You're new in country aren't you.

The next day we went down the sirstrip to the 19th Air Commandors who flew us to our final destination on C123's. They were the main suppliers of our necessities. They usually flew in twice a week with mail and supplies and we treated the flight crew well. We cooked up a great lunch for them when they arrived. When they found out that we only got powered milk some of their deliveries ended up with us, so we had real milk from then on. A great bunch of guys. When I came back from R&R I stayed the night in their barracks and they had a outdoor movie screen strung between the barracks and had beer and showed porno movies. A wild bunch!

Con Son was infamously known as Tiger Cagee Island as many prisoners were treated to the inhumane treatment. It is a pretty small island and US forces were limited to the Loran station, a small Navy radar site (maybe a complement of six), Army DECCA site with about the same and three Seabees were pretty much homorary coasties as they only had a small hut on the beach by the tiny airstrip for sleeping but used our base for everything else and gave a hand when we needed dozers and backhoes to do any work. The DECCA site shut down at the end of '68.

We were all restricted to our side of the island and forbidden to cross over the ridge where the main town/prison was. There was a small Vietnamese trustee camp on our side and several of the inmates worked at our station.

One event that stands out is one of our SNET's was on mid-watch and out of boredom went to one of these teletypes and types F&$K-It over and over. Unfortunately he didn't realize it was online. That morning our CO McDowell had a lot to explain as it was sent to COMSEASEC.

CO and Locals

LCDR McDowell (CO) showing how much weight he has lost with a
Burmese Python that the locals caught

Ken Schuller with python

Ken with the same

Station Mascot

Randy our mascot

Santa and the CO

McDowell with Santa (EN1 Cutting)

Ken with Santa

Ken with Santa

Jake with Santa

'Jake' Jakobczyk with Santa

Village girls in front of Christmas tree

Girls from the village for Charistmas

Fortner with Christmas present

Mike 'Loose' Fortner with a pin the boobs his mother sent him

Ken and Fortner

Ken and Fortner "The Crown Royale Kids"

west tip and coral beach

The west tip showing the coral reef and beach with the Navy radar site

Aerial view of beach and air strip

Aerial view more to the right with the beach and air strip

Looking North - Station

Looking north the station is in the center and ARVN trustee camp lower left

ConSon Village

Con Son Village

ConSon village

Another view

C123 taking off, Embassy plain on tarmac

Air Commando C123 taking off with Embassy plane on tarmac. On Saturdays
the Embassy plane came with mostly female workers to enjoy the beach.

Dave Davis and Ken

Seabee Dave Davis and Ken

Houston, Farnell, and Alma

EN2 Houston, DC2 Farnell and Seabee Al Alama

Rough road to radar site

Roughed in road to the new radar site

Attemp to dig well

Trying to dig a new well when ours started to dry up during a dought
l to r: Houston, some engineer, Alama and ENC Schramski

Well digging failure

That didn't go as planned!!

Ken paralleling generators

Ken paralleling generators for Transmitter switch

Main Base

Main base with galley on the left and Officer/CPO quarters on the right from sidewalk

Aerial view of airstrip and beach

Airstrip and main beach. Amry DECCA was to lower right of the airstrip near
the bottom. This was pretty much the only area we were allowed.

Airstrip viewing to the south

Airstrip viewing to the south

View of Loran Station

Loran base looking north. Road went over mountain pass to Con Son

View of Loran Station

Another view of the station

Aerial view of station

Another view

Aerial view of airstrip

Looking north

Transmitter room

Loran room (transmitter section-Bill)
l to r: ET3 Martin, ET3 Jake and ET2 Kelly -- "I don't Know--What is IT?"

Timer room

Another View (This is the timer room section-Bill)

Thanks Ken!

Below station patches were located on Fred's Place

Station Patch

Station Patch

Station Patch