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Larry Brooks (CO) Photos 1966 - 67

Arrival on USN C-130

NW corner of island with Admin building
Note radial scars from ground field installation

Admin building, Galley, Mess Hall, Chief's Qtrs, CO Office, CO/XO Qtrs
Second Floor - Crew's Qtrs

Generator Room, radio room and shops

Left Generator Room - Radio Room
Center - Admin Building
Right - Fuel Tanks

Ballon shelter and Japanese bunker

U.S. Weather Service Ballon Shelter

U.S. Weather Service crew

Morning Colors

Crew muster for Change of Command

Change of Command

Sir, I relieve you

CO, LT Larry Brooks in his office

CO's Pachinko machine

CO Quarters

Base of 1350 ft tower

Tower maintenance crew inspecting tower insulators and guys
Note: Man in center of image standing on the guy

Tower maintenance crew inspecting tower

Generator room with waste heat sea water desalinization

Radio Room

AN/FPN-46 Timer Set

Typhoon KATHY OCT 1966

All hands clean up of Typhoon KATHY debris on runway
in order for aircraft to land

Two USAF C-130 aircraft with repair parts

Chickens for fresh eggs and ducks blown in on the typhoon

Large offshore mooring bouy torn from achor and washed ashore over
the concrete wall in the background

No power after typhoon so emergency hookup to radios from
gasoline powered welding generator

No power to the galley - breakfast on the grill

USCGC KUKUI on annual re-supply

USN tanker delivering annual fuel supply

Max Conrad and David Shefler in Piper Comanche making an
emergency landing while on a world flight to promote Montreals EXPO
1967. The station crew assited in the repair of the aircraft.

Japanese Cemetery

WWII Japanese Cemetery

NE corner of island with Japanese bunker

West side of the island with Japanese harbor

WWII Japanese Harbor

WWII Japanese Storage Bunker

WWII Japanese tank in underground bunker

WWII Japanese tunnel system

Leadership meeting every day after lunch during three mile
around around the preimeter of the island

It got hot during those meetings

so we had to cool off

Quiet sunset after the storm
Swimming pool for recreation because the island does not
have a protected lagoon

Station mascot delivered by USCGC KUKUI

Rats brought to the island by the Japanese prior to WWII
as a secondary food supply

Masked Booby

Sooty tern breeding area

Sooty tern and egg

Achilles Tang


Reef Shark

Sea star and shimp

Chief Engineman and his shark

Giant clams and parrot fish

Examples of coral that we should not have taken

Moorish Idol

The USAF C-130 to take me home

Thanks Larry!