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Merry Christmas

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 These pages remember the Coast Guardsmen, who served aboard Loran-A, Loran-C stations, and other Loran billets worldwide. These dedicated Coasties are but a few who provided radio navigation signals to millions of navigators. These pages wouldn't exist except through the efforts of MCPO Bill Dietz, USCG(ret). Bill has spent numerous hours for over a decade collecting the information you find here.

  If you wish to add your information to the database, just fill out the Contact us form. Bill or I will update the list.

  We are looking for pictures and stories.  If you wish to contribute, please Contact Us.


Loran Station GIS, a zipped google earth file with Loran Stations Locations by Michael Greene


A calendar from John Hartzell

2017 Calendar from John Hartzell

Image -- PDF

Received this study (pdf) for distribution.

LORAN-C Legacy: The End of an Era
Social History and Operations of LORAN-C
United States Coast Guard

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Thanks to Ray Rebmann Fred's Place Reunion Hall will be posted on each station page. 

Completed: Adak, Angaur, Atafu, Attu, Barrigada, Batan, Biorka, Cape Atholl, Cape Christian, Cape Sarichef, Canton, Catanduanes, Eniwetok, Estaca de Vares,  Estartit, French Frigate Shoals, Gesashi, Guam, Hokkaido, Ichi Hanare, Iwo Jima, Johnston Island, Kargabarun, Kauai, Kure Island, Kwajalein, Lampang, Lampedusa, LMS Kami Seya, LMS Keflauik, LMS Kodiak, LMS Rhodes, LMS Sardinia, LMS Shetlands, LMS Udorn, Marcus, Matratin, Matsumae, Miho, Miyako Jima, Molokai, Narrow Cape, Naulo Point, Niigata, Niihau, Nomaike, Ocean Cape, Oshima, Port Clarence, Pusan, Roguron, Saipan, Sattahip, Sellia Marina, Shoal Cove, Sitkinak, Spruce Cape, St Paul, Sylt, Upolu Point, USCGC KUKUI, Wildwood

Ray Rebmann asked to pass this info:

small loranimal

Loranimal patches are available.  Visit this page to contact Ray.  The actual patch is depicted on the contact page as well as the history behind the patch.

Facebook pages for Loran Veterans



Final Report on Loran Transmitter X-Ray Exposure (pdf file)

"The View From the Top" - By CDR Carl Burkhart USCG (Ret) - pdf 
(This article was published in CGA Alumni "The Bulletin",Vol 72, No 5


MIT Radiation Lab - Loran was Division 11

MIT Radiation Lab
MIT - Radiation Laboratory Series - Vol 4 - LORAN
Pierce, McKenzie, Woodward

What's new

04 DEC 17 - updated Adak and Angaur
29 NOV 17 - upgraded LORAN B system and receiver specs contract; Pusan
28 NOV 17 - updated Batan, Christmas Cards, LORAN C NORPAC OOT 10 Oct - 19 Nov 1974 Investigation, Matsumae
12 NOV 17 - updated personnel roster
22 SEP 17 - updated personnel roster
17 SEP 17 - updated LMS Shetland, ST Paul
07 SEP 17 - updated personnel roster
04 SEP 17 - updated Lampang, LMS Kodiak, Ocean Cape, SE-Asia-Section, Spring Island, Spruce Cape
29 AUG 17 - updated Activities-Europe, Carolina Beach, Dana, COMFESEC, Hobe Sound, Hokkaido, Iwo Jima, Jupiter, LMS Shetland, LMS Udron, Marcus, Miyako Jima, Port Hardy
28 AUG 17 - updated Estartit, personnel roster
26 AUG 17 - updated Grangeville, personnel roster
22 AUG 17 - updated Kargabarun
19 AUG 17 - updated George, Port Clarence, Pusan, Searchlight, Sellia Marina, updated personnel roster
18 AUG 17 - updated Carolina Beach, Middletown, Nantucket, Point Grenville
15 AUG 17 - updated Jupiter, Marcus, Middletown
14 AUG 17 - updated Jupiter
12 AUG 17 - updated Aquadilla, Fenwick, Grand Truk,
04 AUG 17 - updated Bodie Island, IPIT 1960-69, Iwo, Marcus
01 AUG 17- updated Carolina Beach, Conson, Eniwetok, Estartit, Fallon, FESEC, FFS, Iwo Jima, Jupiter, Malone, Marcus
30 JUL 17 - updated Folly Island, Narrow Cape
24 JUL 17 - updated Angaur, FFS, Niihau, Ulithi
20 JUL 17 - updated Attu, Johnston, Kwajalein, updated personnel roster.
13 JUL 17 - updated personnel roster
08 JUL 17 - updated Cape Race, Cape San Juan
07 JUL 17 - updated Baudette, Kwajalein, Lampang
05 JUL 17 - updated Adak, Angaur, Batan, Battle Harbor, Bikati, Cape Christian, Catanduanes, COMFESEC, Estartit, Ichi Hanare, Iwo Jima, Jupiter, Kure Island, Kutdlex
28 JUN 17 - updated personnel roster.
26 JUN 17 - updated Kauai, Kodiak
24 JUN 17 - updated Johnston Island, Jupiter, Kargabarun
23 JUN 17 - updated Jan Mayen, Johnston Island
22 JUN 17 - updated Guam, Health, Ichi Hanare, Iwo Jima
7 JUN 17 - updated Aquadilla, Grand Turk, Grangeville, Gray Point, Guam, Guam Advance Base, Hachijo, Hasaki, Havre, Hobe Sound, Hokkaido, Health, rememberance , and personnel roster
3 JUN 17 - updated Gillette, Grand Isle,
2 JUN 17 - updated Galveston, Gardner, Garths Ness, George, Gesashi
1 JUN 17 - updated Eniwetok, Estartit, FFS,
31 MAY 17 - updated Bo, COMACTEUR, COMFESEC, East Blockhouse, Ejde, Eniwetok, Estaca de Vares, Estartit, Fallon, Fenwick, Flores, Folly Island, Fox Harbor, Frederickadal
30 MAY 17 - updated COMACTEUR, COMMEDSEC, Dana, Deming
29 MAY 17 - updated Cape San Juan, Cape Sarichef, Caribou, Caroline Beach, Catanduances, CGLO Northern Europe, Comfort Cove, Conson, Construction Command Unit 203, Construction DET A,
27 MAY 17 - updated Cameron, LMS Canton Island, Cape Atholl, Cape Blanco, Cape Christian, Cape Hatteras, Cape Race, Cape San Blas, Skaw

25 MAY 17 - updated ATLS, Cape Blanco,
24 MAY 17 - updated Battle Harbor, Bo, Bodie Island, Boise City, Bonavista, ATLS, Other Monitors, Business Cards
23 MAY 17 - updated Adak, Barrigada, Baudette, Bikati, Biorka
21 MAY 17 - updated Baker, Barrigada, Batan, Battle Harbor, updated personnel roster
18 MAY 17 - updated Amchitka, Angissoq, Attu, Baccaro, updated personnel roster
12 MAY 17 - updated Attu CO list
11 MAY 17 - updated Angaur, Angissoq
09 MAY 17 - updated Amchitka, Angaur
08 MAY 17 - updated Adak
09 MAR 17 - updated Rememberances page
05 MAR 17 - updated personnel roster
27 FEB 17 - created an obituary page  In the Navigation it's titled "Rememberances"
26 FEB 17 - updated personnel database
25 DEC 16 - added 2017 Calendar from John Hartzell
07 DEC 16 - added Tan My 1969 Christmas Card from Thomas Orr
07 NOV 16 - Updated Personnel Roster
08 MAY 16 - Updated Angaur, Attu, Baker, Cape Blanco, Cape Christain, Cape Hatteras, Dana, LMS Rhodes, Saipan, St. Paul, Upolu Point,
01 MAY 16 - Updated Personnel Roster
02 Jan 16 - Updated Personnel Roster.  Added  LORAN-C Legacy: The End of an Era - Social History and Operations of LORAN-C (pdf file)
11 Nov 15 - Updated Personnel Roster.
07 SEP 15 - Cape Christian, Cape San Blas, Hokkaido, LMS Bermuda, LMS Rhodes, LMS Sardinia, Upolu Point, Wake Island.  Updated personnel roster.
16 AUG 15 - Updated personnel roster.
08 AUG 15 - Updated Adak, Attu, Lampedusa, Saipan, Sattahip, Sellia Marina, Wildwood, Yap.  Updated Personnel Roster.
17 MAY 15 - Updated Adak, Cape Atholl, Dana, Kargabarun, Middletown, San Salvador, Sattahip, Spring Island, Spruce Cape, Sylt
03 MAY 15 - Updated Batan, Hokkaido, Johnston, Lampedusa, LMS Shetland, Malone, Nipisat, Ocean Cape, Port Arena, Reminiscing
26 APR 15 - Updated Personnel Roster
30 MAR 15 - Updated Personnel Roster
22 MAR 15 - Updated Cape Atholl, Cape Christain, Gesashi, Grangeville, Iwo Jima, LMS Shetland, Middletown, St Paul, Wildwood
03 MAR 15 - Updated Lampang, Searchlight, Sellia Marina, Spruce Cape, Tarumpitao,
01 MAR 15 - Updated Personnel Roster
02 FEB 15 - Updated Personnel Roster.
01 FEB 15 - Updated Cape Atholl, St Paul, Wildwood
18 JAN 15 - Updated Frederisdal, FFS, Guam, Hachjo Jima, Iwo Jima, Johnston, LMS Eglin, Loran C, Kauai, Kure, Kwajalein, Marshall Point, Matsumae, Molokai, Ocean Cape, Philippine Section, Port Clarence, Saipan, Sitkinak, Spruce Cape, St Paul, USCGC KUKUI. Updated personnel roster.
17 JAN 15 - Updated Adak, Attu, Bikati, Biorka, COMMEDSEA, ConSon, Estartit, Folly Island, Matsumae, Port Clarence,
12 JAN 15 - Updated personnel roster.
11 JAN 15 - Updated Adak, Angaur, Attu, Batan, Cape San Blas, Catanduanes, COMACTEUR, Estartit, Fallon, Galveston, George, Grand Isle, Johnston, LMS Shetland, Kauai, Kwajalein, Middletown, Miyako Jima, Point Arena, Point Grenville, Port Isabel, San Mateo, Sattahip, Seneca, Shoal Cove, Tsushima, Ulithi, Upolu Point
29 DEC 14 - Updated Personnel Roster
27 DEC 14 - Updated Batan, Port Clarence
21 DEC 14 - Updated Adak, Batan, Cape Christian, Cape San Blas, CGLO Northern Europe, COMACTEUR, Folly Beach, Johnston, LMS Keflavik, LMS Kodiak, Marcus, Matratin, Spruce Cape, Tan My, Tarumpitao, Upolu Pt., Wake Is., Yap.  Updated personnel roster.
28 NOV 14 - Updated Amchitka, COMACTEUR, Sandur, South Caicos, St. Paul
27 NOV 14 - Updated LMS Keflavik, LMS Rhodes, Philippine Section, San Salvador,
26 NOV 14 - Updated Cape Atholl, Cape Christian, Cape Race, COMACTEUR, Conson, Estaca de Vares, Estartit, Gesashi, Iwo Jima, Kargabarun, Kutdlex, Kwajalein, LMS Keflavik, Loran A, Loran C, Marcus, Nipisat, OMEGA, Orsuiagssuaq, Sandur, Skuvanes
16 NOV 14 - Updated Matsumae, Yap. Updated personnel database.
03 NOV 14 - Updated personnel roster
02 NOV 14 - Updated Batan, LMS Chatham, Gesashi, Hokkaido, Iwo Jima, Johnston Island, Kure Island, LMS Kodiak, Marcus, Sattahip, Sellia Marina, Sitkinak, Spring Island, Spruce Cape, St Paul, Sylt, Upolu Point, Yap
02 NOV 14 - Added Fred's Place Reunion Hall to - Gesashi, Hokkaido, Iwo Jima, Johnston Island, LMS Kami Seya, LMS Keflauik, LMS Rhodes, LMS Sardinia,  LMS Shetlands, Kargabarun, Kure Island, Lampedusa, Marcus, Matratin, Sellia Marina, Shoal Cove, Sitkinak, Spruce Cape, St Paul, Sylt
26 OCT 14 - Updated Angaur, Gesashi, Guam, Hokkaido, Iwo Jima, Johnston, Karabarun, Kure, Marcus, Wake Is. Updated Personnel Roster.
13 OCT 14 - Updated Spring Island, updated Personnel Roster
12 OCT 14 - Updated Baccaro, Cape Sarichef, Seneca, Added to Fred's Place - Anguar, Afatu, Barrigada, Batan, Canton, Catanduanes, Estaca de Vares, Estartit Guam
25 AUG 14 - Updated Personnel Roster
17 AUG 14 - Updated Carolina Beach, Conson, FFS, Grangeville, Kauai, Kwajalein, Lampang, LMS Kodiak, LMS Udorn, Miyako Jima, Narrow Cape, Nomaike, Ocean Cape, Oshima, Port Clarence, Pusan, Saipan, Sattahip, Spruce Cape, Tan My,
28 JUL 14 - Updated personnel roster.
27 JUL 14 - Updated Angissoq, Baudette, Biorka, Cape Christian, COMMEDSEC, Estartit, FFS, Gillette, Ichi Hanare, Iwo Jima, Matasume, Raymondville, Spruce Cape, Tarumpitao, Umnak, Upolu Point
20 Jul 14 - Updated personnel roster.
06 Jul 14 - Updated personnel roster.
05 JUL 14 - Updated Havre, Marcus, Saipan, Ulithi, Upolu Point, USCGC KUKUI
08 JUN 14 - Updated Cape Christian, Cape San Juan, Carolina Beach, Johnston, Jupiter, Karabarun, Kauai, Kure Island, LMS Bermuda, LMS Sardinia, Loran-A, Loran_IPIT_1950-1959, Marcus, Matratin, Niigata, Port Clarence, Sandur, Searchlight, Sellia Marina, Sitkinak, Spruce Cape, St. Paul, Sylt, Tarumpitao, Upolu Point, Yap
06 JUN 14 -  Updated personnel roster.  Updated site maintenance note.
20 MAY 14 - Updated personnel roster.  Posted notice on main page concerning site maintenance. See notice for current page completed.
05 MAY 14 - Updated personnel roster
27 APR 14 - Updated personnel roster
20 APR 14 - Updated Angissoq, Attu, Bo, Cape Race, Cape Sarichef, Carolina Beach, CG_Docs, CYTAC, Estartit, Gesashi, Hokkaido, Iwo Jima, Jan Mayen, Loran-A, Loran-C, Loran_IPIT_AUTO_1942-49_1950-59_1960-69, USCGC KUKUI
05 APR 14 - Updated Activities Europe; Loran-A