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43 47 05.28 N 07 40 35.82 W (1960 Mercury Datum)

Fact Sheet

Site Survey: 1955 

Construction Date  

Constructed by:  

Established: 1960 

Disestablished: JAN 1978 

Operated by: USCG 

Chain: NATO “C" 

Station Letter designation: 1H5, “S” 

Station code name:  RITE 3 

Station Unit Number:
Radio Call Sign:

Station nickname:  

On-air testing date: 1S4, 1960 

Operational date: 1961 

Operations Ceased: 312400Z DEC 1977 

Station Operation: Single MASTER 

Station pair: 1S4, PORSPODOR

Loran Rate: 1S4, 1H5 

On-Air: 1S4, 1961
1H5, 1976 

Off-Air 1S4, 1976
1H5, 312400Z DEC 1977 

Monitor Rate:  


Personnel Allowance:  

Station Mascot: 1967 – Snoopy was a pup during this period and loved by all. He was injured by our truck and had his left rear leg in a cast for awhile. He then had a disease and it was decided to put him to sleep. A very sad evening when a few of the crew took him outside behind the station, shot him and buried him. I have several photo's of Snoopy during that period. A great dog!
Roland Perreault

1975 - Narc 

Miscellaneous: On-Air date delayed due to Spanish fishing fleet using nearby radio frequencies.
1967 – 1968 12 hrs of operation 2000 to 0800 – French station 12 hour day operation
Last two and half months station manned by USAF and USCG 

Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge
1st CO: LT Robert S. Palmer 1960 - 1961
2nd CO: LT Robert Reynard 1961 – 1962
CO: LT Katchaian 1964 - 1965
CO: LTJG Lambertson 1965 - OCT 1965
CO: LTJG Raymond D Bland OCT 1965 – OCT 1966
CO: LTJG O'Niell OCT 1966 - 1967
CO: LTJG A. D. Picone 1967 – 1968
CO: LTJG David Light 1968 - 1969
CO: LTJG Fishburn 1969 - 1970
CO: LTJG Jon Neff 1970 - 1971
CO: LTJG Lake 1971 - 1972
CO: LTJG Tom Pearson 1972 - 1973
CO: LTJG Mark Beasley 1973 - 1974
CO: LTJG Christopher Waring 1974 - 1975
CO: LTJG David Crawford 1975 - 1976
Last CO: LTJG John Wcislo 1976 - FEB 1978 

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261103Z NOV 76 - State Department Loran A Station Estaca de Vares, Spain - pdf


Loran Station Estaca de Vares

The photo below was contributed by Robert Reynard (CO 1961-62)

1962 Crew of Station

Back Row L to R: EN3 Richard Rog, RM2 Jim Philips, SN Mike Fewell, EN1 Don Allen, ET1 Bill Weisenborn
Front Row L to R: ET2 BuD Everritt; LTJG Robert Reynard (CO); CS2 Frank Giangrosso, DC3 Richard Russo

Loran Station Estaca de Vares circa 1965

Circa 1965

Loran station in the distance

Circa 1965 Photo provided by Ray Bland

Christmas Card circa 1965

Christmas 1965 Photo provided by Ray Bland

December 1965 Crew

Dec 1965 - Photo provided by Ray Bland
Richard L Yeates, ET1 - LTJG Raymond D Bland - Gordon D Campbell, EN1
Robert Wilson, CS1 - Felix Grande y Barge - Antonio Lopez y Lopez - Wayne Smith, RM3
James T Marshall, ET2 - Mam (Felix's mother-in-law) Victoriano Paz y Lopez - Kurt Zajac, FA
Lawrence Gaines, EN3 - Pedro - Douglas L LaCroix, SN

1973 station picture

Circa 1973 - Photo provided by Carl Burkhart

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