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Activities Europe

Fact Sheet:

Operated by: USCG
Chain: North Atlantic, Norwegian Sea, Mediterranean Sea
Operational date:
Operations Ceased:
Station Operation: Operational Commander
Personnel Allowance: 1976 - 1 CAPT, 4 CDR, 6 LCDR, 2 LT, 1 CWO (F&S, ELE, MECH), ETCS,YNC, SKC, TT1, 2 YN1, 4 SK1, RM3, 2 YN2, YN3, SN
Miscellaneous: 1971 - Relocated to the American Embassy in London
1 MAY 1972 - MYSTIC Mission demonstrations held for possible for Loran-C coverage in central Europe.
Commanding Officers
/ Officers in Charge
CO: CAPT Curtis J Kelly JUN 1971 - JUN 1973
CO: CAPT John C. Fuechsel 1975 -


The below documents were contributed by Craig Brown
The Coast Guard in Europe by Capt Curtis Kelly 1973 (pdf)
ACTEUR Organization Chart 1975 (pdf)
ACTEUR Station Information Book - London - 1976 (pdf)
ACTEUR Wecome Package- London - 1976 (pdf)



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