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Air Transportable Loran System

The Air Transportable Loran-C System (ATLS) has been developed in order to provide the Coast Guard with the capability to rapidly get a Loran-C station back into operation after it has been partially or completely destroyed through natural disaster or enemy action. The system also provides the capability of rapidly installing a single station or a new Loran-C chain. Each station was developed by converting Coast Guard furnished Loran equipment, communications, power generation, and fuel storage and transfer equipment. and other long-lead-time procurement items to an air-transportable rapid-assembly and configuration. This was done primarily by installing the equipment in shelters and utilizing removable interconnections between the shelters for the electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems.

Each ATLS facility consists of eightteen shelters.

Stations established utilizing the ATLS package stored in Hawthorne, Nevada.

1969 Loran Station Tan My, Vietnam.
1972 Loran Station Lampedusa, Italy.


Air Transportable LORAN C System (ATLS) Operational, Facility, Installation and Maintenance Manual - (pdf - 140Mb)
--- Contributed by CDR Gary Thomas, USCG