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07 13 01.34 N 171 04 29.96 E (1948 OP Data Report)

Fact Sheet:

Site Survey: FEB 1944
Construction Date 4 SEP 1944 - SEP 1944
16 DEC 1944 - Station commissioned and turnover to the 14th District
Constructed by: Construction DET "A"
Established: SEP 1944
Disestablished: FEB 1951
Operated by: USCG
Station Letter designation: 2L2 - "D"
2L3 - "D"
Station code name:  
Station Unit Number: USCG UNIT No. 83
NAVY UNIT No. 3234
Radio Call Sign:
Station aka:  
On-air testing date: 20 OCT 1944
Operational date: 16 DEC 1944
Operations Ceased: FEB 1951
Station Operation: Double MASTER (DM)
Station pair: 2L2 - KWADACK, KWAJEIN
Loran Rate: 2L2; 2L3
On-Air: 2L2 - 25 NOV 1944
2L3 - 25 NOV 1944
Off-Air 2L2 - FEB 1951 Chain Reconfiguration
2L3 - FEB 1951 Chain Reconfiguration
Monitor Rate:
Equipment: Late 1947 - new LORAN equipment installed
Personnel Allowance: 1948 - 1 Officer, 16 enlisted
Mascot: 1948 - Loranzo
Miscellaneous: Station located on Roguron (Loraire) Island
16 AUG 1945 - Completed DC to AC convertion
FEB 1951 - Station operations transferred to ENIWETOK
Commanding Officers /
 Officers in Charge
1st CO: ENS William F. Pierce DEC 1944 -
CO: CHRELE J. C. Ober 1947 - 1948
CO: LT Roger F. Erdmamm 1950

Fred's Place Reunion Hall: Old New


26 JAN 1948 - USCGC KUKUI Construction and Repair Report - pdf
OCT 1948 - Operational Data Report - pdf


Roguron Island 

Picture from google earth.

LORSTA Roguron Construction crew erecting a Windcharger antenna.
USCG Photo from MIT Radiation Labortory Series Volume IV

The photos below were retrieved from the National Archives in Washington D.C.
USCG Official Photos

c./SEP 1944

Station view from lagoon c./May 1946

Aerial view looking northwest c./1948

Aerial view right over the station c./1948

Looking Southeast c./1948

c./NOV 1948

Station view from lagoon c./1948

Station view from lagoon c./1948

Loran shack in center - station buildings to right

Loran Shack and antenna system c./1948

Loran shack in center some of the station building in the background c./1948

The Galley c./NOV 1948

Water tower and tank installation c./1948

Water Tanks c./1948

Quarters and water tanks c./1948

Quarters area; Generator Hut in foreground
taken frrom vertical radiator looking SE c./1948

SE across clearing antenna system and equipment hut c./1948

South to equipment hut vertical radiator c./1948