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59 58.3N – 44 38.7W Mar 1949 Op Data Report
59 59 17.71 N 44 39 14.54 W

Fact Sheet:

Site Survey:

10 AUG 1942

Construction Date

11 NOV 1942 – Mar 1943

Constructed by:

Radiation Laboratory - Contractors


MAR 1943


JAN 1984

Operated by:

USCG, 1943 – 18 SEP 1951
Demark, 18 SP 1951 – 31 DEC 1983



Station Letter designation:

1L2/1L4 “N”

Station code name:


Station Unit Number:

1942 - 1943 MIT Unit 07
1943 - 1949 USCG Unit 15
Navy 226

Station nickname:


On-air testing date:

11 MAR 1943

Operational date:

1L4, 15 JAN 1944
1L2, 1961

Operations Ceased:

1L4, 1961
1L2, 31 DEC 1983

Station Operation:

Single MASTER (SM)

Station pair:


Loran Rate:

1L4, 1L2


11 MAR 1943


31 DEC 1983

Monitor Rate:  


Personnel Allowance:  


27 FEB 1950 - Station in Standby Status because of reconstruction of Battle Station - fire destroyed the station

Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge

1st CO: LTJG W P Clark 1942 - AUG 1943
CO: LT Cross AUG 1943 -
CO: LTJG J B O’Hara ? - 17 FEB 1947
CO: CRE William A Little 17 FEB 1947 - 21 FEB 1948
CO: CRE Albert E Holloway 21 FEB 1948 - 23 OCT 1948
CO: LTJG Robert A Patrick 23 OCT 1948 -
CO: CRE R A Patrick 1949
CO: LTJG John G Wilson


17 FEB 1947 - Ltr of Relief - pdf
01 MAR 1949 - Operational Data Report - pdf


Loran Station Frederiksdal from Google Earth

The photos below were located at NARA Washington, DC
(U.S. Coast Guard Official photos)


The next seven photos are from June 1947

Below photos from 1 MAR 1949 Operational Data Report
(U.S. Coast Guard official photos)

Loran site as seen from the side of the mountain, east of the station

South shore of station

Loran site as viewed from Raritan Point

Garage, Generator, Boiler and Main buildings. Quonset in middle background.

Rear view of Main building. Mountains across the fjord in the background

South shore view of Garage, Generator, Boiler Room and Main Buildings.

SE view of crew's barracks, south wing, the office, galley, CO's qtrs, the north wing

North side of Main building as seen in road leading to the skidway.

SE side of LORAN shack. Beverage antenna and fjord in the background

South side of LORAN Shack. Loran antenna and doghouse in the foreground.

Beverage antenna as seen looking to westward. Loran shack and
communications receiving antenna poles to the left

North side view of Quonset

ETs digging up the water line during a recent freeze

Three 5000 gal fuel tanks, paint locker in the foreground, beverage antenna
and harbor in the background

View of 3 5000 gal fuel tanks after fueling. Beverage ant in the background.

Close-up of 3 5000 gal fuel tanks. Loran shack and beverage ant in the background.

South view of 3 5000 gal fuel tanks

View of harbor and fjord

Top of skidway. Frederiksdal village can be seen directly over surveyed tractor.

View down towards the beach from the top of the skidway.

General Purpose Hoist and Crane formerly used for unloading.
Not used due to erosion of unloading ramp.

General Purpose Hoist and Crane, located near skidway

General Purpose Hoist as viewed from top the crane

The below photos were contributed by Ivan Carlsson

Coast Guard Inspection Team

The below photos are of the transfer of station operation to Denmark c./1951

Station Bell

Hoisting the Danish Flag

Hoisting the Danish Flag

Station crew

Locals attending the transfer of station

Antenna Coupler

Mess Hall

Rec Deck

Rec Deck

Rec Deck

The Generator Room c./1951

General photos

Thanks Ivan!