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0 11 46.23 N 176 28 26.14 W

Fact Sheet:

Site Survey:
Construction Date 9 JUL 1944 – 19 SEP 1944
16 DEC 1944 Station commissioned and turned over to 14th District
Constructed by: CONSTRUCTION DET “D”
Established: SEP 1944
Disestablished: JUL 1946
Operated by: USCG
Station Letter designation: 2L4, “E”
Station code name:
Station Unit Number: 91
Radio Call Sign: NRN-1
Station nickname:
On-air testing date: 20 AUG 1944 Station ready for on-air testing
29 SEP 1944
Operational date: 22 NOV 1944
Operations Ceased: 15 MAY 1946
Station Operation: Single SLAVE
Station pair: 2L4 – GARDNER ISLAND
Loran Rate: 2L4
On-Air: 2L4 - 15 NOV 1944
Off-Air 2L4 - 15 MAY 1946
Monitor Rate:
Antenna Type: 90 ft "T"
Personnel Allowance:
Miscellaneous: Construction CO: Lt Alvin L Loose

SEP 1944 - One of first sites to used sentry dogs
19 SEP 1944 – BM2c James O. McKeehan lost his life while loading construction crew & material onto to the SPICEWOOD. The barge broke a mooring bit, the ramp cable parted causing the barge to flood.  In the confusion, the BM2c fell overboard into shark infested waters.  BM1c Kenneth E. Foreman and MoMM2c Joseph Letko jumped into the water to render assistance.  No trace was found of him.

DC to AC completed 15 Jul 45

Station placed into caretaker status May 1946
Commanding Officers /
Officers in Charge
1st OINC: CRE Ennis T Adams
CO: LT Bobby D Pomeroy 1944
CO: ENS Derrick E Barretine ?-FEB 1946
CO: LT Robert E Foley FEB 1946 - MAY 1946



Baker Island

Aerial view of a typical ground station (located on Baker Island of the Phoenix Islands group).
  Photo from MIT Radiation Laboratory Series Volume 4 Loran.