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Health Issues relating to Loran

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Agent Orange Presumptive - pdf


Estartit Stockroom Warning - picture taken in 2017
Posted in the Estartit Transmitter building - photo taken in 2017
Believe all original Loran C Transmitter buildings were constructed with asbestos fibers - Bill

received this via email:

I need help in getting out the word about mesothelioma.Laymans terms

lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.There is no cure for this type of cancer.With proper treatment you can extend life.Left untreated and depending on severity,death can be within a year.Patients are diagnosed 20-50 years after exposure.Some symptoms include dry cough,fatigue,shotrness of breath,pain in chest or rib area,fever or night sweats etc etc.A chest xray will show if there liquid in lung cavityMy problems started may 2016 fatigue,shortness of breath.Xray showed liquid in right lung.In hospital they pumped 3 liters out.Same thing in june 2016 & july 2016.The last time the Dr went in with a camera and found a mess.To date the liquid has not come back and all the testing came back negative for cancer.Feb & Mar 2017 I had a CT scan,MRI,and PET scan.Middle of Mar 2017 it was confirmed I was positive for mesothelioma.I have a great group of Dr's in Hollywood and a great Dr at Univ of Miami.My wife found an advocacy center for mesothelioma that can be of great help.I have found out that all 210' ships had interior panels that were made with asbestos.I was stationed on 3 of them.I was on a buoy tender built in 1937 & a 95ft boat built in 1953.It took between 30 & 50 years for mesothelioma to be diagnosed.The bottom line is pay attention to your body and if problems arise see a Dr. Thanks for listening,
---- Barry Betzing,Retired 1987 USCG,

Official Reports:

DTRA-TR-10-26 Final Report on Loran Transmitters X-Ray Exposure (pdf File) Loran History's copy


ALCOAST 538/11 Commandant Note 6260 Guidance on the DTRA Report on Potential Radiation Exposure associated with assignments to Coast Guard Loran Stations (LORSTA) (pdf file)

VA website page concerning Loran Radiation

Bravo Zulu

Dr Paul Blake DTRA, LCDR Jeff Hall, USCG and a special thanks to MCPO Charles J. Severance USCG (ret) for keeping this issue alive to the final report.

MCPO Bill Dietz, USCG(ret) and CPO Joe Jester, ETC USCG(ret) sends their thanks for your herculean efforts.

Herbicide Exposure at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand

Xray Exposure info:

Items of interest compiled by Charles J Severance, ETCM, USCG(ret)

Loran Exposure History

Time Line - Synopsis of LORAN Exposure History -by Charles J Severance, ETCM, USCG (ret)

VA Standard - Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

Killing Our Own - The Disaster of America's Experience with Atomic Radiation - (large PDF)

VA Buddy Letter

CG Members Health Questions - pdf

For several days during March 2011. this group of Coasties, retired, active and civilian from several commands, breathed life into the Loran-C transmitters at the LSU facility (EECEN). Their purpose was to gather data for an upcoming report on the ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation from Loran equipment.

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Loran Restore Team & Others

The names of the folks in the pic are, from left to right:

ETC Brad Kopf, ELC3 C.M. Polvado, Ray Wiedower (USCG ret), ELC4 Dave Robbio, LT Kenny Hydock, ETC Chris Le Ny, ELC2 Jonathan Guild, Dr. Paul Blake (DTRA), LCDR Jeff Hall, Chuck Severance, (USCG ret), Krystal hinds (OGA), LCDR Gerald (Jerry) Burke (USN), Chuck Schue (USCG ret/Ursa Nav), CDR Gary Thomas, Aaron Grant (Nautel), ET2 Brook Fox, Bill Frankenfield, ET3 Jose Perez, and Art Helwig (Ursa Nav). 

In the this video, you will be reminded that MCPO Chuck Severance, USCG(ret), still has a sense of humor and can still deliver a one-liner.

Enewetok Loranimals

Here is a summary of the atomic blasts at the atoll from the begining.  This includes the first thermonuclear device, titled Mike that evaporated an island in the NE corner of the atoll.

Atomic Blast Locations at Enewetok

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