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Eniwetok Howanski Photos

The photos below were donated by Mr. Jack Howanski whose mother came into procession during a friend's estate settlement.  Believe the photos are from the early 1950's

USCG Loran Station Entrance Sign

4930th Headquarters

7.2 Headquarters

Eniwetok Beach

Swimmer's Tavern


Duffy's Tavern Front

Duffy's Tavern Interior

Duffy's Tavern Patio

"Cattle Car" Picking up Passengers

Enlisted Mess

Enlisted Mess

Office's Mess

Consolidated Mess

Athletic Field

MATS Passengers Arrival




Hospital Ward

Red Cross Music Room

Post Exchange

Post Exchange Inside

Officer's Club

NCO Club

NCO Club Patio

Special Services

Special Services Game Room

Special Services Recreation Room

Special Services Shell Hunt

Company Street

Japtan Island
Loran A Monitor was located on this island

Beach at Japtan Island

LCM Unloading Picnic Party at Japtan Is

Palms at Japtan Island

Recreation Area

Recreation During Japtan Picnic

Man-Eating Sharks Caught

Wrecked Ship at Japtan Island

Thanks Jack!