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Joe Rush Photos c./1959-60

Joe is a Plank Owner of the station.
Some of the photos were taken by CWO Atkinson (2nd XO)

Monitor Van
We used this to calibrate the baseline - Joe

AN/FPN-38 Timer

AN/FPN-39 Transmitter
Looking down the asile - Amplifier, Transmitter, Power Supply

1st CO - LT Sanders

CHRELE Bob Atkinson

Turkish Interpreter Mohammed Al Denc


CHRELE Bob Atkinson with station dogs

Crew ready for inspection

A couple of the crew ready to rotate back to the "Land of the Big PX"

Folks came to plow the station field so we could have a garden

Local residents

Local children

Locah Sheep Herder

Yakuo Joseph in English aka as Groucho for the mustache

Volleyball game with some of the local residents

Entering the city through part of the ancient wall aquaduct


Istanbul street market

Thanks Joe!