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In Memory of ETC Joe Jester

 These pages remember the Coast Guardsmen, who served aboard Loran-A, Loran-C stations, and other Loran billets worldwide. These dedicated Coasties are but a few who provided radio navigation signals to millions of navigators. These pages wouldn't exist except through the efforts of MCPO Bill Dietz, USCG(ret). Bill has spent numerous hours for over a score of years collecting the information you find here.

  If you wish to add your information to the database, just fill out the Contact us form. Bill or I will update the list.

  We are looking for pictures and stories.  If you wish to contribute, please Contact Us.

 Joe (February 13, 1953 - November 15, 2020)



Unit Season's Greeting Cards

Wishing all a wonderful Holiday season.



November 16, 2020
Itis with sad news that I must post that Joe Jester crossed the bar on Sunday November 15, 2020. It was a great pleasure working with Joe on the Loran Program history. If it not for his efforts, this web site would not of happen. The Loran community greatly appreciates his contribution.

This site will be maintain in memory of Joe.

- Bill

In the next couple months the site will reorganize and some links will not be working. Should you get a page error (HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found) using a previous bookmark please go to the home page and select the web page you desire. - Bill

Due to technical difficulties the site was rollback back to a previous point. I wil be updating as time permits. - Bill



Received this update from Bob Hinds CG Retiree Services Program Manager (CG-13)

For those CG Veterans/Retirees who served at LORAN Station Eniwetok Atoll.

The VA continues in efforts to study potential radiological effects of atomic testing and cleanup of Eniwetok Atoll. The administration reminds all Veterans to talk to their health care professional and file a claim with the VA if they believe they have health issues related to radiological exposure at Eniwetok Atoll. 

I believe that Johnston Island and French Frigate Shoals would fit into this study also.  - Bill


After a hard day's work of scanning
L to R: Bill and CDR Gary Thomas, USCG (ret.)

Loran Station GIS, a zipped google earth file with Loran Stations Locations by Michael Greene

Received this study (pdf) for distribution.

LORAN-C Legacy: The End of an Era
Social History and Operations of LORAN-C
United States Coast Guard

Received notice via an All Coast Guard message that Bill and I had received the Foundation for Coast Guard History's recipients of the Multimedia Award for this site.  We are humbled by this recognition and thank the 1918 Foundation for the Multimedia Award.

Ray is going a great job of hosting this and we support him temendously however the loran-history site and the Facebook group are two independent identities. If you would like to post something on either site the material should be sent to that site.


Thanks to Ray Rebmann Fred's Place Reunion Hall will be posted on each station page. 

Completed: Adak, Angaur, Atafu, Attu, Barrigada, Batan, Biorka, Cape Atholl, Cape Christian, Cape Sarichef, Canton, Catanduanes, Eniwetok, Estaca de Vares,  Estartit, French Frigate Shoals, Gesashi, Guam, Hokkaido, Ichi Hanare, Iwo Jima, Johnston Island, Kargabarun, Kauai, Kure Island, Kwajalein, Lampang, Lampedusa, LMS Kami Seya, LMS Keflauik, LMS Kodiak, LMS Rhodes, LMS Sardinia, LMS Shetlands, LMS Udorn, Marcus, Matratin, Matsumae, Miho, Miyako Jima, Molokai, Narrow Cape, Naulo Point, Niigata, Niihau, Nomaike, Ocean Cape, Oshima, Port Clarence, Pusan, Roguron, Saipan, Sattahip, Sellia Marina, Shoal Cove, Sitkinak, Spruce Cape, St Paul, Sylt, Upolu Point, USCGC KUKUI, Wildwood

Ray Rebmann asked to pass this info:

small loranimal

Loranimal patches are available.  Visit this page to contact Ray.  The actual patch is depicted on the contact page as well as the history behind the patch.

Facebook pages for Loran Veterans


Coast Guard Foundation for History

Foundation for Coast Guard History

Final Report on Loran Transmitter X-Ray Exposure (pdf file)

"The View From the Top" - By CDR Carl Burkhart USCG (Ret) - pdf 
(This article was published in CGA Alumni "The Bulletin",Vol 72, No 5


MIT Radiation Lab - Loran was Division 11

MIT Radiation Lab
MIT - Radiation Laboratory Series - Vol 4 - LORAN
Pierce, McKenzie, Woodward

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02 DEC 2020 - Revamped Gillette
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04 NOV 2019 - Updated Personnel Roster
04 OCT 2019 - Revamped ATTU
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11 JUN 19 - Revamped LMS Chatham
10 JUN 19 - added to Kargabarun ACTEUR ECV Trip Reports; Board of Survey; OPODR 01-93
31 MAY 19 - added Kargabarun ACTEUR ECV Trip Reports
23 MAY 19 - Kargabarun Engineering Tower Failure Report; Updated personnel roster
22 MAY 19 - Updated Fact Sheets: Adak; Cape Christian; Cape San Blas; Eniwetok; Hokkaido; Kargabarun; Marcus; Kargabarun: added 1967 General Information Book & 1990 PCB Prevention Instructions
15 MAY 19 - Revamped Kargabarun - added Bob Brady Video movie.  Updated Personnel Roster.
14 MAY 19 - Revamped Narrow Cape
10 MAY 19 - Revamped Sitkinak with numerous additions; updated Marcus and Spruce Cape Fact Sheets.
28 APR 19 - Updated Angaur Fact Sheet, updated personnel roster
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21 APR 19 - Updated Facts Sheets for: Catanduanes; Cocos Island; Kwajalein; Nantucket; Orote Point; St. Paul Loran C; Revamped Nipisat
19 APR 19 - Updated Personnel Roster
13 APR 19 - Cape Christian revamp completed.
10 APR 19 - Updated the Rememberances page; Cape Chistian Charlie Huber Crew and RCMP photos
09 APR 19 - Cape Christian revamp
08 APR 19 - Cape Christian - added 1956 Overseas Loran Station Survey; 1962/63 Report Sky Wave Time Delay plus other reports and revamped McLamb photos - updated fact sheet
06 APR 19 - Cape Christian - added Charlie Huber (CO) 1971-72 General Photos
05 APR 19 - Updated Cape Christian Fact Sheet and added the 01 JUN 1957 General Information Book. This is a large file 30mb. A personal note: This is fantastic. The First CG District Commander, Rear Admiral Roland, signed the Letter of Promulation. This is normally delegated to the Aids to Navigation Branch Chief. The 1956-57 crew deserves a BZ for their accomplishments.
04 APR 19 - Updated Personnel Roster
31 MAR 19 - Updated Cape Christian Fact Sheet and added Charlie Huber (1971 CO) Christmas Photos
30 MAR 19 - Updated Personnel Roster
28 MAR 19 - Added St. Paul 1968 GIB
27 MAR 19 - Revamped St. Paul and added Jim Bachtell's photos.
22 MAR 19 - Updated Fact Sheets for: Cape Atholl; Cocos Island; ACTEUR; Narrow Cape; Naulo Point; Point Arguello; Port Clarence; Sandur; Sitkinak; ST Paul; Revamped Venice with new material
21 MAR 19 - Revamp Kutdlek - added Sam Rutherford photos
19 MAR 19 - Revamp Saipan and Yap with added material.
16 MAR 19 - Updated personell roster
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07 MAR 19 - Revamped Angaur.
06 MAR 19 - Revamped Marcus photos
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28 FEB 19 - Added Loran-B Purchase Equipment Description
27 FEB 19 - Added 1959 Loran-A and C system description by LCDR Henry; Revamped Loran-B
24 FEB 19 - Updated Martha's Vineyard - added photos
21 FEB 19 - Updated Personnel Roster
18 FEB 19 - Added Loran-C Technical Manuals
17 FEB 19 - Updated LMS Bermuda Fact Sheet; reposted FEB 1967 GIB
16 FEB 19 - Updated personnel roster
15 FEB 19 - Updated Marcus fact sheet;
14 FEB 19 - Agreement to Transfer NWPAC Loran stations to GOJ; Marcus Fact sheet updated; added MOU in preparation of transfer of station; Decommission Ceremony; and other documents
13 FEB 19 - Updated Marcus Fact Sheet, added D14 OPORDER 05-93 and 1985 GIB (Believe this is 1986 GIB); COMDT Bulletin Article "Un-tenna"
12 FEB 19 - Updated Marcus Fact Sheet, added Bob Mudge photos, 1969 GIB and 1979 GIB
11 FEB 19 - Completed upgrading Marcus web page
10 FEB 19 - Commenced upgrading Marcus web page - added station awards; Updated FESEC, Barrigada, Hokkaido, Gesashi, Iwo Jima and Marcus OCT 1992 - JUL 1993 MUC award.
09 FEB 19 - Continue with Loran-A revamp pages, added North Pacific Loran-C chain maps
08 FEB 19 - Added Loran-A photo section; photos of a Loran Mobile Unit, CG-222 1953 amend 4 Jun 1956; Updated Wildwood page.  Updated Personnel roster.
03 FEB 19 - Added Sperry Third Generation Loran Brochure; 1969 MEDSEA Loran-C Calibration Report
02 FEB 19 - Continue with Loran-C/LIPIT revamping
31 JAN 19 - Updated Shetland photo- identify UK officer; St Paul updated 02 NOV 1963 Document; Continue Loran-C/LIPIT revamping
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17 JAN 19 - Updated Fact Sheets for: Folly Island; Gesashi; Gray Point; Miyako Jima; Matratin; Spring Island; Added files to LORAN C Correspondence 1955-59 and Timing
16 JAN 19 - Revamping the LORAN C folder, Johnston Island - added Shut-Down message - Sattahip - corrected construction photo